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"The Bible says!"
   This is the mantra of Baptists throughout their history.  The Bible as the sole rule of faith is the core doctrine from which all others find breath.  These Christians consider the inspiration of Scripture (2nd Timothy 3:16&17) as being an absolute doctrine  for which they have been willing to sacrifice their lives.
   Interpreting every word as literal, from the first "In" in Genesis to the last "Amen" in the Revelation, is the foundation of all that they believe.   Every word in the Word falls from the mouth of God Himself.  Therefore, no man is allowed to change, delete, or add to what God has said.
   The total confidence of the Baptists in the innerency of the Bible has resulted in their adherence to commonly held doctrines.  Regardless of which groups, fellowships, associations, or conventions they belong, these jointly held basic doctrines mark them as being under the same Theological banner.  From the most conservative groups to the most liberal congregations, their name is Baptists.
What do the Baptists believe?
   As the name implies, is it just their belief in believers baptism by immersion or is there much more that defines their Biblical stands?
 The Baptist Doctrines
The Baptist Distictives
The Baptist Faith
Locate Baptist congregations in all 50 states!
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What are Baptist people like?
    Learn about how they are as people
        What is it like to attend a Baptist
                        church service?
    Do they really have a humor?
 They say that Baptists love to sing gospel music.  Is that really true?
            What are their churches like?
The History of the Baptists
   Read about their beginnings, growth, victories, failures, and those whom God has used to declare His Word
           The Baptist Story

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Statement of Purpose: This web site is intended to assist all who visit to become more knowledgeable of Baptist history, faith, doctrines, distinctives, people, groups, issues, worship, ministries, Bible study, music, and any other related topic. The contents of this site represents the best attempt of the webmaster to be fair and honest regarding who Baptists are and what we believe.  Realizing that Baptists represent a wide spectrum of beliefs and viewpoints beyond the fundamental doctrines of our faith, the webmaster asks that all respect our commonly held conviction in individual soul liberty.  This is his best understanding as to how God is leading him to organize and promote the resources presented herein so that all who enter might learn and be stronger in their own faith.  Also, any inclusion of the churches listed in the site directory, recommended resources, study helps, or individual views expressed in our chatroom are not necessarily the views of this webmaster. May we work together to best represent what we as Baptists believe, how we live, and how we express our faith.

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