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Is humankind a result of an evolutionary process?

Or are we the special Creation of an amazing God?

The Creation of Man
  The literal interpretation of all things Biblical prevails again in Baptist mind and thought.  The Genesis account of creation will not be seen allegorically or figuratively.  It happened exactly the way the Bible said it happened and their names were Adam and Eve.
   Furthermore, Biblical Christianity, including the Baptists, rejects the Aporcryphal books that include other versions of everything from the Creation (e.g. Adam had another wife named Lillith) through the accounts of life of Christ (e.g. Jesus worked miracles as a child).
   Evolution?  Why would a sovereign God have to evolve a species when He could just create it?  Therefore, man was created directly in Godís own image and after His own likeness.  Furthermore, all life, whether animal and vegetable was created by Godís established law that they should bring for only ďafter their kind.Ē 
   If one were to consider the proven archeological fact that there are a tremendous number of species that have died since the Creation, the only conclusion we can come to is that the "Jurrasic Park" world of the past is long gone--a kind of de-evolution.  In fact, the entire question of man's so-called "evolution" might be better understood as one where his being created in God's image (thus, giving humanity the ability to be creative) has resulted in a history of on-going intellectual and technological advancement.  As a result, our tremendous increase in knowledge has led some to adopt the view that we have "evolved" and no longer need to believe in the God of Creation, let alone rely on Him.
   The ultimate conclusion of that error is either Agnosticism (doubting the existence of God) or Atheism (negating entirely the existence of God).
   However, there is another side to this particular coin.
   Baptists have long accepted Usher's chronology of the Bible which states that the universe was created in 4004 BC.  As a result, those in the scientific community who do have a sense of intellectual honesty have kept their distance from us.  This may be justifiable on their part since the Jews of the Old Testament period did not necessarily consider all of the generations when constructing a chronology.  This is due partly to their not having the concept of a grandson.  Since Usher based his calculations on the the chronologies, he came up with a universe that is extremely young.  Baptists would do well to allow this question to be asked in that Usher's Chronology cannot be accepted as Scripture no matter who argues it's validity.  That being the case, the universe may be much more ancient.
                          ~  Genesis 1:1,11,24,26-27; 2:21-23; Exodus 20:11
The Fall Of Man 
   The Bible makes it clear that man was created in innocence by his Maker, but voluntary transgressed, thus, falling from what was a sinless state.  As a result, the consequence is that all human beings are born with a sinful nature.
   An interesting facet of the first sin has to do with that of the text where Adam finds Eve having already eaten of the fruit (not an apple) from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  What would have happened had he refused to follow her lead in committing the sin of disobeying God?  It is not conjecture to conclude that God would have cast Eve out of the Garden of Eden where she would have died in her sin.  Without Adam, she would not have been able to reproduce so no human race outside of Eden would have developed.  Conversely, God would have given Adam another wife with whom he would have children, thus, resulting in a sinless human race.
   However, the Biblical account states that Adam did indeed go along with Eve.
   Satan is wiley.  His strategy of getting to Eve first was obviously very effective.  Adam may have ignored Satan but how could he ignore this beautiful female creature that God had created for his pleasure?  She seduced him to sin.  Can anyone deny that the visual nature of males is still their nemisis?  Even Jesus pointed this out when he severely warned that any man who even looks at a woman with lust in his heart has already committed adultry with her in his mind.  Satan knew exactly what he was doing when he tempted Eve into falling first.  Thus, both were cast out of Eden and, as a result, they gave birth to a race of sinful men who have always considered themselves masters of the Earth with little evidence to show that they have yet totally mastered themselves.
                                                        ~ Genesis 3:1-6,& 24 
The Redemption of Man
   The Creator has never been willing to leave His creation to itself.  Instead, the fall of man in Genesis 3 is followed by God's promise to send a Redeemer who would be born of "the seed of the woman (a biological impossibility, thus, indicating a virgin birth)."
   The Old Testament contains a multitude of prophecies regarding this Redeemer Messiah.  In fact, scientific study has concluded that whoever could fulfill all of those prophecies would do so at the rate of chance being one out of twenty-eight to the tenth power (Science Speaks, Moody Press).  When that number is written out it is past human comprehension.
   However, Jesus did it.  He fulfilled every single prophecy concerning the Messiah.  He is the Christ.
   Without God's intervention in redeeming those who accept Christ as their Saviour, men and women are condemned.  God does not condemn them.  It is they who condemn themselves by rejecting God's gift of eternal life.
   Thus, the end result, is that God will one day gather around Him all the redeemed of the ages.  This time, instead of sinless beings who never knew a moment without being in His favor, he will be surrounded by those who chose to love and serve Him.  Their worship will come from the depths of their souls and, despite the arguments of the skeptics and the ravings of those who are antagonistic toward the God of the Bible, He is worthy of that praise and He shall indeed have it.
                                        ~ Romans 1:18-20; Galatians 3:22
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