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Although, Baptists agree on the fundamental doctrines of the faith, as well as their distinctives, they do not always agree on other issues
Legalized Abortion
   Generally, Baptists fall on the pro-life side of this issue.  However, this ongoing argument continues to be a great source of debate between them and the U.S. Supreme Court.
Which Version of the Bible?
   The latter half of the 20th century saw a tremendous increase in the number of English Bible versions and revisions.  Some Baptists have determined to take a "King James Only " stance which has caused division in their ranks.
Devisive Baptists
   How do those who are not yet saved view those of our persuasion who would rather fight other Baptists than concentrate their energy on winning the lost to Jesus?
A Baptist By Any Other Name
   Churches across the United States are dropping the name "Baptist" while insisting that they remain 100% faithful and true to our doctrines and distinctives.
Bible Churches Are Not Baptist Churches
   A look at the doctrines of baptism and church government clears away the misconception that the two are the same.
Creation vs. Evolution
   From the Scopes Monkey Trial to the realization that tens of thousands of species have died out, it is the theory of evolution that continues to be on trial.
The Error of Legalism
   Some Baptists demand adherence to certain "convictions."  Could it be that they are right or have they simply spiritualized their own preferences?  Of even greater concern, is legalism simply a modern day form of Phariseeism?
The Music Controversy
   Not only do some Baptists reject modern popular music and dancing but they also refuse to allow anything other than traditional hymns in their worship services.
Political Involvement
   How deeply involved should churches be in attempting to effect governmental policy and law?  Could it be that attempting to legislate righteous to unregenerate people is a serious misconception?
Outlawing Prayer & The Ten Commandments
   Did removing prayer and the Ten Commandments result in the demise of the both educational and moral standards in our country's public school system or present Baptists with a new challenge?
Conservatives vs. Liberals
   At what point does a Bible-believing Christian break fellowship with another Christian who also claims to believe the Bible but has different views?
Who's In Charge Here?
   Is the pastor truly the leader of the local church or is it the "Board of Deacons" who direct the business of the congregation?  After many centuries of struggling with this issue, it is still a hot button issue amongst the Baptists.
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