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   No matter what the venue might be, there are only two basic ingredients that Baptists include in their corporate worship.  Any attempt to separate soul-stirring gospel music from the priority of preaching God's Word is not even a consideration.  Whether it is singing Amazing Grace accompanied only by a piano in a little country church or along with a seventy-voice choir and orchestra in a large city church, music is essential in preparing the hearts of the congregation to receive the Bible-centered message from the man of God.
   The history of the Baptists regarding how they conduct worship is replete with variation.  What is considered traditional now was contemporary fifty years ago.  The ability of the Baptists to reach each generation based on it's own cultural values has been one of the great secrets of their success.  Now that American society has become so very diverse, the realization that teens and young adults worship differently than those in their sixties has been accepted by most Baptists; especially those in urban settings.
   Music: Currently, this venue continues to enjoy the great hymns of the faith.  A hymnal can still be found in the pew pocket.  However, there are many who know 
most of them by heart.  The song leader leads the congregation like a choir in singing everything from Amazing Grace to Zion Haste, accompanied by a pianist and an organist.  There will always be a "special," just before the message, referring to a 
solo or small group musical presentation or perhaps even the choir.  A Southern styled gospel quartet fits very well into this type of venue.
   Message: With his suit and tie uniform looking every bit the man of God he is, the pastor preaches a sermon from the Word of God to a spiritually hungry congregation.  Regardless of the topic of the hour, the conclusion of every message will contain the plan of salvation.  Doubtless, a hymn of invitation will be sung at the conclusion to invite sinners to come and kneel at an old fashioned altar to do business with God.  As the hymn, "Just as I Am" is sung (or a similar hymn of invitation), those who respond to the calling of God's Spirit are met by personal workers up front who pray with them if needed.
   Souls are saved and lives are changed.
   Music: Two electric six-string guitars, a bass guitar, a digital electronic keyboard, and a set of drums flank the pulpit.  The choruses are flashed up on to the angled 
walls to the sides of the stage.  A congregation of younger people stand to their feet and enthusiastically sing out their worship to God accompanied by hand-clapping, applause, and raising their hands in praise.  The music is loud but so are the worshippers as they join in. 
One might call it rock music but no one will disagree that the message of each chorus is clear in the presentation of whatever Biblical theme motivated its composition.
   Message: This is a dress-down form of worship.  The pastor is dressed very casual.  He may even be wearing a polo shirt and a pair of jeans.  The message is geared around one point and is heavily supplimented with visuals.  Video cams flash images of him as he preaches along with scanning the worshippers throughout the entire service.  The Biblical topics are very contemporary and the preaching style is a combination of passion, instruction, and challenge.  The invitation at the conclusion of the service is more upbeat and personal workers stand ready to take seekers to side rooms for counseling.
   Souls are saved and lives are changed.
   Music: The pianist is center stage behind the pulpit.  Instead of an organ, a digital keyboardist is surrounded by a lead guitarist, bass guitar player, drums, and perhaps some brass horns.  Replacing the song leader, the pianist or one of the other instrumentalist may very well be the worship leader.  A combination of traditional hymns and contemporary praise choruses which are flashed up on the screens.  The choir presentations are more upbeat.  The selections are geared to be in keeping with the pastor's message, thus, preparing the people to receive the Word.
   Message: Shedding his suit and tie, the pastor is dressed "business casual."  Having grasped the concept of our living in a very visualized generation, he uses modern day audio-visual equipment to add to his preaching.  Video cams follow him as he preaches so that attendees can see him larger than life on the screens.  His message might even include a short video presentation to illustrate the point of his message.  In fact, the Bible verses used throughout the message are shown on the screens throughout the message.  His style is a blend of preaching and teaching.  Humor punctuates the seriousness of the topic being discussed.  The preaching is clear, crisp, and contemporary.  An invitation is extended to seekers who may pray along the front of the stage or are greeted by personal workers who use various side rooms to councel those who respond.
   Souls are saved and lives are changed.


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