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Baptists have led the way when it comes to developing effective ministries

Their ever adaptive methodologies and "out-of-the-box" thinking have earned them a reputation for being successful in reaching each generation for Christ....

Let's Go Soulwinning!
   The many methodologies used by Baptists to present the Gospel with some valid warnings, wisdom, and a simple plan of salvation to use when witnessing.
Interest Based Small Groups
   A new method for the 21st century to reach the unchurched and provide opportunities for ministry, fellowship, and Bible study to church members.
Men's Ministries
   Some great ideas to bring men men together so that they might be leaders in their homes, their churches, and their communities.
Women's Ministries
      Valuable resources for women who are committed to their service to God, their families, their churches, and communities.
Singles Meeting Christian Singles
   Resources designed to provide Christian singles with ways to find and meet each other through their local churches and the Internet.
A Vibrant Teen Outreach
   Teen programs that are tried and true will be clearly shown with descriptions and links to those sites where they can be found.
Reaching & Teaching Children
   This page provides insights and resources for reaching the current generation of children for Christ (check out the terrific Internet links for kids, too).
Christian School Movement
   A detaled description of the three forms of education available to those who prefer a Christian curriculum as contrasted to the ongoing secularization in the public school system.
Ministering to the Baby Boomers
   The "Boomers" are starting to hit their sixties and will soon become the largest age group in our churches.  Are we ready to utilize this more active group?
Everybody Ought To Go To Sunday School
  The various approaches Baptists use to train their people up in understanding, comprehending, and living according to the Bible.
A Worldwide Ministry
   Reviewing the two main methods used by Baptists to fulfill the Biblical mandate referred to as "The Great Commission."
The Church Music Ministry
   A description of the various facets of the music ministry with helpful insights for those who take part in this important service for God.
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