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   Over four million children attend Christian schools in the USA.
   Due to our nation's view regarding the seperation of church and state, schools who teach religion do not receive public funds.  Therefore, Christian schools are privately run.  In fact, many Christian schools would refuse to accept government funding even if it was offered believing that acceptance of funding would allow the government to dictate their school (and potentially their church) operations.
   The largest association of Protestant Christian schools in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  The ACSI serves 5,300 member schools in approximately 100 countries with an enrollment of nearly 1.2 million students.  Another, smaller, association of Protestant Christian schools is Christian Schools International (CSI), with approximately 500 schools and 100,000 students.  One movement among Christian schools in the US is the return to the traditional subjects and form of education known as classical education. This growing movement is known as the Classical Christian School movement, represented by the Association of Classical & Christian Schools, with 70 schools and 8700 students.
   Baptists have been very successful in both the founding and maintaining of Christian schools.  There is scarce a community in the United States where such a school in a Baptist church cannot be found.

   Smaller churches can easily set up an Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) school even if there are only a handful of families in the community who are willing to pay tuition to fund it.  Also known as the "School of Tomorrow," this program has modernized the old one room schoolhouse approach and made it very effective in contrast to today's educational environment.  One teacher can manage a room full of students at various grade levels by using paces (booklets that cover one phase of a specific subject at a particular grade level) as curriculum.  The student works his/her way through the pace until it is completed and then takes a test covering the material.  Other media like audio cassettes, videos, and soft ware support the paces.
   One of the greatest strengths of this program is that a slower student no longer feels the pressure of keeping up with the rest of the class.  By contrast, a faster student can move on ahead without feeling the frustration of waiting for the rest of the class to move on.  Educators know that both types of students are the biggest cause of discipline issues in traditional schools, thus, ACE schools have much less trouble with difficult students.  Those church schools who hold higher standards regarding entrance qualifications do even better regarding a well behaved student body.
   Furthermore, those who graduate from this program have proven to exceed in their freedom to go on to higher education and be valued in the job market.
   Those seeking more information regarding the School of Tomorrow program can check out the ACE web site using this link....

ACE School of Tomorrow Web Site

   This program was developed by the Pensacola (Florida) Christian Acadamy which is one of the most reputable Baptist schools in the world.  Having some fifty years of experience in curriculum development, the A BEKA materials are also Bible centered and of the finest quality.
   Geared more for the traditional classroom, A BEKA more than fulfills the educational needs and requirements of those seeking to go on to higher education.  Those who favor the graded system will appreciate the many helps, associated prgrams, and varied materials provided by this curriculum.
   Here's the link to the A BEKA web site.....

 The A BEKA Christian School Web Site

   The mid-eighties signaled an amazing new movement.  Various Baptist parents began taking full responsibility for the education of their children.
   At first, many simply pulled their children out of the public schools and began putting together whatever materials they could to facilitate the educational level of their children.  Local laws regarding education were generally ignored resulting in many finding themselves in legal battles with their local boards of education.
   However, the movement evolved and matured.  Today, those who commit to teaching their children at home have learned that meeting the basic legal qualifications regarding education is doable without any compromise.  Certified Christian teachers will often sponsor a local homeschoolers association made up of several families who are co-operating together.  Many use the A BEKA homeschool curriculum (see the link above) which is respected by even those in public education.  As a result, this movement and those who conduct their homeschools in a responsible manner have gained credibility.
   This writer was able to homeschool three of his children for one year.  Today, all three children are grown adults but are agreed in their remembrance as that year being the best year of their early education.  Their parents would also agree in that our children were much more focused on their lessons when it the classroom environment was one-on-one.  In fact, all four children did much better in school after that year as a result of learning how to focus in on the teacher while the lesson is being taught.  We were unable to homeschool for more than that one year but it was enough for us to personally experience the many advantages of doing so.
   If homeschooling is a consideration for you and your child(ren), be sure review the laws in your local community, the available curriculem, and the possibility of joining a local homeschoolers association.   All of these things will keep you legally safe while securing a terrific way to provide a good Christian education for your children.

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