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   "His-Story" is marked along the way by Baptists who have made significant contributions to their time and to the generation they were tasked with reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.
Pre-Anabaptist History                                                                First Century to 1500
Even Baptists do not agree on their own history previous to the emergence of the Anabaptists.  Here are the four views that provide some insights into their history previous to 1500.
The Anabaptists                                                                                        1500 to 1650
These forerunners of modern day Baptists were the Separatists of their day while enduring much persecution in an age that had replaced Biblical truth with tradition.
John Smyth                                                                                                1554 to 1612
Credited by many Baptists as being the father of the
modern day Baptist movement, this Separatist pastor changed the course of church history with his baptistic beliefs.
Roger Williams -                                                                                  1603 to 1683
Recognized as being the minister who founded the first Baptist church in North America, he is also the founding father of the state of Rhode Island.
William Carey                                                                                                1761-1834
He is considered to be the father of modern missions having spent 41 years in India when church missions programs were almost nonexistent.
The Sunday School Movement                                                           1780 to Present
From it's beginnings in an English kitchen to modern day Baptist Sunday schools numbering in the thousands, classes to teach the Word of God continues to be effective.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon                                                                 1834 to 1892
Hailed as the "Prince of Preachers' in his day, this English Baptist pastor built a church of over 10,000 members in the late 1800s.
The Baptist Dark Ages
It was a time when the Baptists of America's southlands devaluated the souls of men just because they were a different color.
George W. Truett                                                                                      1867 to 1944
He was both a popular preacher of his day while pastoring a church of over 7,700 members and also served as a president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
John R. Rice                                                                                              1895 to 1980
He was a Baptist evangelist, preacher, sometimes controversial author, and founding editor of a great Baptist publication--The Sword of the Lord.
G. Beauchamp Vick                                                                                 1901 to 1975
Known more for his great organizational skills, this Baptist pastor founded a strong fellowship of churches and served as the first president of their Bible college
Truman Dollar                                                                                                  ? to 1996
The tragic story of a tremendously gifted pastor who challenged the wrong thinking of a large Baptist church but, in the end, committed suicide.
Billy Graham                                                                                         1918 to Present
This evangelist has preached the Gospel to over 210 million people in more than 185 countries with hundreds of millions more have been reached through television and film.
Ralph Carmichael                                                                              1927 to Present
The Baptist church music director who revolutionized gospel music in the 1960s and, thus, initiated a hot button issue that is still argued to this day.
Jack Hyles                                                                                                 1926 to 2001
This Baptist pastor led an Indiana church to become the "World's Largest Sunday School" with over 100,000 members.
Martin Luther King                                                                                    1929 to 1968
Arrested upwards of twenty times and assaulted at least four times, this Baptist pastor became the greatest leader in the American Civil Rights Movement.
A History of the Baptists
This link will take you to what we consider to be the most concise online history of the Baptists.  Dr. John T. Christian, Professor of Christian History at the Baptist Bible Institute of New Orleans, provides a thorough history that goes beyond any other Internet resource. 
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