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Training up a child in the way that he should go requires a sensitivity to the tremendous difference that television and the Internet have made regarding how we teach children
   There was a time when a Sunday school teacher could sit in a church classroom surrounded by a small group of children and teach a lesson with only a Bible in his/her hand.
   Then it happened.
   As a result, the mindset of children has changed radically.  Attention spans are shorter when not focused on visual images.  The eye gate is now equal to the ear gate when it comes to assimilating information.  If ever there was a generation which personifies the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words," this is it.  There can be no denying that visualization is now essential if we are to train up our children in the way that they must go.
   The middle of the twentieth century witnessed the birth of such visual aids as the overhead projector, flip chart songs, and felt visuals.  Of course, the typical Sunday school quarterly packet contained a few posters that could be unfolded to illustrate the lesson of the hour.  Other than that, visualization was rather primitive until the church began to realize that this new generation was not responding to classes that did not include any kind of visualization, or very little of it.
   However, the inroads of television soon made it obvious that children were become much more visually sensitive than ever before.  The latter part of the twentieth century brought about a major change in how we present Biblical truth to a brand new generation that had become used to seeing space ships shoot across the galaxy, lifesize muppets, superheros with amazing powers, etc.  Then, with the intrdoction of the computer and ever advancing Windows technology, an even more visually sensitive era of children is coming up behind the television generation.
   Wise is the church which recognizes this major shift in our lifetimes and determines to address it by coming to grips with the this truth.  Those who do the necessary research to stay on top of all that it takes to catch the attention of children and hold it for Jesus will see those ministries grow both numerically and spiritually.
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