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   "It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the LORD; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the LORD, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever: that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the LORD;"  ~ 2Chronicles 5:13
    Music is indeed the backbone of the typical Baptist worship service.  In fact, it plays a part in many of their organized activities and events.  That being said, here is a general description of the various types of musical presentations that can be found in various Baptist churches...

The Church Choir:
   A well practiced choir presentation on a Sunday morning can reach the souls of worshippers and prepare them for the preaching of God's Word.  Those who take part in the music program of a church share the experience of using whatever talent they might have to be a blessing to God and His people.
   You will not find it uncommon for a Baptist church to use membership in the choir as a guideline for all other musical presentations.  Otherwise, whatever musical talent the church might possess is asked to be active in the choir, thus, allowing its members to either present solos or group presentations during other parts of the church services/programs.
   Although, this may seem restrictive at first glance, those who practice this policy are able to better determine the type of music used in the church.  All of us have certain preferences when it comes to music.  A church is no different.  Due to the varied styles of contemporary gospel music, most Baptist churches have set limitations.  Since the normal tendency of music is to stretch those limitations, the leadership of a congregation may determine to maintain control of through choir membership.  Again, the policy may be a narrow one but it works.
   Whether it is a Sunday morning presentation or an Easter Concert; whether the singers wear nice suits and dresses or choir robes; whether their presentation rates a nod of approval or a standing ovation, the church choir is the central hub of the music ministry in Baptist churches.

The Soloist:
   There are those who are blessed with exceptional voices.  Some have a quality that captures the hearts of their listeners, especially when well practiced and sung with expression from the heart.  Others may not be so excellent but there is still something about their presentation that truly connects with worshippers in such a way that they are always much appreciated.
   Those who perform solos in God's House are afforded a wonderful opportunity to assist their pastor's in the presentation of God's Word.  Therefore, they should remember that their part in the service is not central but supportive.  They lock arms with their pastors with the deep desire to prepare worshippers to receive the message of the hour.  Those who humbly do so can expect to be used of the Lord in wonderful ways.

Musical Groups:
   Hearing a saprano and an alto deliver an inspiring duet or four men harmonizing in a joyous quartet number has a way of bringing a worship service to life.  Furthermore, there are those churches who are now using small groups of practiced vocal musicians to lead the congregational music of the church.  This is a contemporary change from the previous tradition of using a song leader for the singing of hymns.
   Being able to take a "part" in a group, create a "blend", and produce a "sound" has a way of exciting a musician like nothing else.  Delivering a presentation with perfect harmony is a fulfilling experience.  Being able to focus in individuals in the congregation whose facial expressions indicate that they are tuned in to every word of the song brings a kind of spiritual fulfillment that those in a musical group both understand and very much appreciate.

The Instrumentalists:
   Whether it's a smaller church with a pianist and an organist or a larger church with a full orchestra, instrumentalists are most welcome amongst the Baptists.  Piano and organ accompaniament when singing the great hymns of the faith or a recent composition adds so much to worship.  When other instruments join in, the sound becomes richer, fuller, and all the more appreciated.  Brass horns, flutes, percussion, and stringed insturments played by talented musicians can do much to lift up any service.

The Sound Technicians:
   Although not necessarily vocally or instrumentally talented, Baptist churches provide opportunities for service to those who have good ears and technical expertise'.   It is no longer uncommon to walk into a church auditorium filled with various types and sizes of speakers, tweeters, woofers, monitors, mixers, etc.  Those who are able to blend all of these technological marvels into a system that produces a "sound" that causes the soul to sour when in corporate worship with God's people are just as much a part of the music ministry as is anyone else.

All of the Above:
   A description of the typical Baptist church music ministry cannot be complete without mentioning two very important factors that provide the motivation for those who take part in it.
   First of all, they do it for God.
   Secondly, those who are involved in church music fully understand the joy and excitement of being part of a ministry where musicians get together and do what they truly enjoy most.  Being able to share their talents together for God and His people makes that joy complete.
   If you don't believe me, well, you just might be singing to the choir.


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