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The "Excellent Baptist Web Site Award"

    Let the world know that your Baptist web site is an appreciated and respected Internet presence.

 The "Baptists" Award...
   The sample above is our gold "Excellent Baptist Web Site Award."  It is offered to those Baptist churches and ministries whose web sites present the truths of God's Word in a format that glorifies Him.  Only those sites which include the following three elements will be presented with our award: 1) True to the Word of God including Baptist doctrine and the Baptist distinctives, 2) A nice lay-out that is graphically pleasing and user friendly, and 3) Uplifts the Lord Jesus Christ. 
 How to Requst the Award...
   The entire process will take you less than a minute:
   1. Simply click the button below.  It will bring up an e-mail form.
   2. Key the word "Award" in to the header of the e-mail.
   3. Key your web site address on the body of the e-mail.
   That's all there is to it.
    "Baptists" will manually review your web site and, if it meets the above criteria, respond via e-mail with your award attached.
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The "Baptists" Awards Gallery
Award of Excellence
Presented By
The Jesus Christ is Lord Site
Awarded January 16, 2006
 The Best Christian
Website Award
Presented By
Free Christian Resources
Awarded January 25, 3006
The M-Edu Award
Presented By 
The Miller Communications Group
A major web site design service
Awarded March 7, 2006

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